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Mr. Harry Harakh

Mr. Harry Harakh MBA, CPA, CA
A Toronto based Chartered Professional Accountant with practice experience in finance, taxation, strategic, corporate & governance issues and management skills obtained both as a sole professional practitioner and as senior staff in a number of entities including multinational corporations, bank, government and non government not for profit organizations.

His recent volunteer services with charitable groups include:

  • A founding member and managing director of Plasticos Charities Foundation providing education and reconstructive surgery in developing countries.
  • A member of the Board Of Trustees of York Central Hospital, and on several of its committees, resources, quality, strategic, community relations and performance management.
  • A long time member and contributor to Guyana Christian Charities.
  • A Vice President - Finance of The Voice Of Vedas a director of Bharat Shivashram Sangha Canada Inc- a monastic order.
  • A member of the York District Health Council - long term care redirection committee.