Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unbiased humanitarian aid in regions of the world where there are little services and resources. In addition, our goal is to increase awareness and support to our outreach programs.


To develop, organize, and manage either alone or with the participation or in partnership with others the delivery, in developing countries, of medical care programs and related assistance to those not able to obtain the care needed.

To organize and train care providers and other human resources, including but not limited to, teaching and transferring technologies and wellness education including published books, journals, reports, newsletters and alternative findings to recipients not able to get such access or assistance.

To organize, provide and participate in the acquisition, development and/or operation of physical facilities for the delivery of health care and wellness education.

To assist in the assessment of gaps in the delivery of specialized and other medical care and assistance, including but not limited to surgery, intensive burn care, diabetes, heart and stroke, women and child, mental health and any similar acute, chronic and palliative care competencies.

To collaborate with North American teaching institutions, universities and/or other professionals to provide opportunities for partial internship and/or other training of North American candidates to North America standards, in particular fields of assistance.

To assist those not able to get medical aid in any other way or in any country as the need arises and subject to the limitations of local facilities, or to be the lead proponent to arrange transport and care to the needy at any other facility in the country.

To relieve poverty in the developing nations (a) by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need; (b) by promoting public health by funding or assisting in the education and instruction of the public on prevention, and curative measures for, health problems; and (c) by providing or funding, counseling and other similar programs to relieve poverty.

To participate in after school music and recreational programs that advances alternative activities for underprivileged children (including within orphanages) to eventually be able to break out from the cycle of poverty.